This 4-day virtual hackathon will be a meeting of the minds, a platform that enables connections between the thinkers, the doers, the movers and the shakers. This hackathon is the first virtual hackathon in the Philippines, and a pioneering concept in the Mindanao region, where we will explore practical and innovative solutions that respond to a specific problem within a challenge area, through the use of science and technology.   This will go down in history as the event that moved the needle, so we can can safely latch on to a new life now and after the crisis.


Anybody from Mindanao (residing, birthplace, working) or anyone who has a heart for Mindanao can take part in this virtual event. All you need is a stable internet connection, mobile phone, tablet or laptop where you can access the video conferences, workshop tools and applications, and programs that can help you and your team in ideating and creating your project.

Get ready to meet people from within and outside your locality!
Connect, ideate and make new friends in the process.


  • A Clear Problem Statement
  • Identified Challenge Area
  • Inspiration
  • Target Users/Audience
  • What is the Proposed Solution
  • Why is it relevant?
  • How did we build it?
  • Accomplishments we're proud of
  • Challenges we encountered
  • What did we learn?
  • What technology did we use to build it
  • Try it out (URL if ready)

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Highlights (4)

Highlights of viable ideas for implementation for incubation.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Rhea Ong Yiu

Rhea Ong Yiu
Bites and Pixels

Owen Jaen
9000 Events

Shayla Sanchez
The Caraga Creatives

Allen Samson

Denise Wuethrich

Denise Wuethrich

Gerome Sanoy
Davao Host Ambassador

Sheena Hembrador

Sheena Hembrador
HackBang Communications

Mike Schroeck
How to Pitch an Idea

Anton Diaz
Our Awesome Planet

Redge Rafols

Redge Rafols

Myle Macalam

Myle Macalam

Ricky John Goyeneche

Ricky John Goyeneche

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance to Mindanao
    The solution must be applicable to a problem in Mindanao.
  • Sustainability and Scalability
    Is the solution going to be sustainable and scalable for implementation within a specific period of time in Mindanao?
  • Relevance to Challenge Area
    Does it appropriately address the identified problem within the Challenge Area?
  • Innovation
    Does the idea have a clear differentiator within Mindanao?
  • Social and Economic Impact
    What is the social and economic impact of the solution?

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